Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Team Swap - Baby - Cute Baby Dresser

Each month, we do a team swap at our team meeting, and usually, there is a theme for the cards.  This month's theme was "baby".  I made my card the month prior, so I was already ahead of the game.  This first card came from one of our team members, and unfortunately, she didn't put her name on it so I can't give her the credit she deserves.  I'll have to find out at our next team meeting.

Never-the-less, here's the cute card she made for us, and guess what?  She said this was one of her first cards she'd ever made.  WHAT?  How beautiful it turned out.

You've probably seen a few of these type of cards out there either on stampin' connection or pinterest, but seeing it in person, there's no comparison.  How cute it is!  Hope you enjoy it.

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