Monday, February 25, 2013

Love is in the Air

Last October, I attended a RemARKables Stampin Weekend, and we all brought a hand-made gift worth $10 to share for a polyanna exchange.  I made a cute hot cocoa box, decorated all up for the holiday, with yummy hot cocoa packets inside and some other sweet treats.  Well, the gift I received in return was an awesome display board to hang in my craft studio and two hand-made cards were attached.  One of the cards I'm calling "Love is in the Air".  It's a really pretty card and I thought I would share.  I think I may have already published the display board, so I'll check to make sure.  If not, I'll post it tomorrow night so you can see it.  What a gift.  I was truly blessed to receive such a nice gift.

Anyway, here' one of the cards that was on the board:

I love the background on this card, don't you?  Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.  I'll share the other card tomorrow evening, and possibly the display board.

Have a super night, and I hope you see you tomorrow.

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