Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Come with Me & Sit a Spell

This card reminds me of a quiet place to just sit and reflect and enjoy the company of a friend.  So that's why I called this card:  Come with me and sit a spell.  This bench could be in a park, a back yard, under a big, giant tree, or anywhere, and it's so inviting to just sit and have great conversation with a friend.  See if you don't agree with me ...

This was the other card that was attached to the pin up board I received as a polyanna gift last year.  I have it hanging off of the board, and it will most likely always remain there as a reminder of the wonderful person who made it and gave it to me.

You know what tomorrow is, don't you?  Yeppo, it's Coloring Down the Lines day ... our weekly blog hop.  I hope you'll tune in tomorrow to see all the pretty cards that will be shared on the blog.  We have a larger group than what we have had these past few weeks, so lots of ideas will be flowing your way.  Until then, happy stamping!

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