Thursday, February 14, 2013

3 x 3 mini note cards

I made a bunch of 3 x 3 note cards for my friend, Katy and they turned out really cute.  I had them sitting on my desk at work, and lo and behold, two of my other dear friends want me to make them some too.  Oh la la.   They are so fun to make and so cute, so looks like that's what I'll be doing over the weekend.

Here they are, all set up on my desk:

The summer smoochies 3 x 3 cards I CASED from someone on the Stampin Connection, but the picture didn't have a name on it.  If I find out who made them, I will give them the proper credit they deserve.  The other 3 x 3 cards are all mine! 


Until tomorrow, happy stamping!

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