Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Convention Swaps - Black and White with a Pop of Color

I signed up for two Black and White with a Pop of Color swaps and I finished my cards in no time.  But I have to confess ... you know what happened?  I set an alarm in my phone for the time of the swap and where, and I made it for an hour later.  I was so upset --- yep, I missed the swaps.  I had all these swaps that I now had to hand out to the general population.  I just couldn't believe I did that.  It bugged me all day, but after I got rid of all my swaps, I felt better.  Go figure!

Anyway, here are the two that I made:

You can't see it, but I used crystal effects on the top card so the flower looked like it had dew on it, as well as on some of the dots on the card.  This one is my favorite, but the second one was cute too.  I used a tag topper punch and folded the card in half with a cute message inside:  "you're everything to me".

Hope you like them ...

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