Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pillow Gifts from Stamp Camp

I attended at stamp camp that my upline, Jill, hosted, about a week ago, and she surprised us with some cute pillow gifts.  I just love pillow gifts - they are just so darn cute, and there's always goodies inside to keep you going.  Here is what Jill made for us:

And you know what the best thing about stamp camp was?  I got to meet one of our team members who lives in South Carolina!!!  It was so nice meeting Diane.  She's such a talented woman, and her husband, Cliff, is so cute and a gem.  I took a picture of them - you'll see how cute they are:

What a treat to meet them.  I wish they lived closer - but since they don't, my friend Eleanor and I decided we just may have to make a road trip to South Carolina.  Won't that be fun?  I'll keep you posted on that journey.

Well, until tomorrow, thank you for stopping by.  Please come back again ... I love your visit.

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