Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Food Thief!

Poor Barney, my little Maltese.  His brother Bandit always steals his food because it takes Barney so long to eat it and Bandit just can't stand seeing it there.  Well, now Lucia got into the act and poor little Barney.  Everyone seems to be dipping in his food.  I caught Barney's expression on this one ... how precious:

Now you're wondering where this bowl is, I know.  I have to feed Barney either on the sofa or my bed in hopes that no one else eats his food but him, but as you can see in the photo above, it doesn't matter where his bowl is, someone's in it, and it's not Barney.  Don't you just love the expression?  He's just shocked that his baby kitty sister is now stealing his food too.  Well, I was hoping Barney would learn to be faster at claiming his food, but it's hopeless.  Poor little man!!!

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  1. Helen, that is so cute! We have dog eating issues, too. Awesome entry... Hugs