Saturday, August 3, 2013

Boat Babies

It's summer, and whenever we can get out on our boat, we do.  Our doggies, Barney and Bandit, love it too.   They get excited when we throw the anchor and settle in for a swim and some lunch.  They jump up on the sun pad and they're ready.  I captured some photographs of the little guys ..

 Thanks for the ride, Daddy.  We love riding the knee board to the beach and then playing in the sand.  How fun!

That's Barney on the left and Bandit on the right.  This is right after being in the water, cooling off.  Aren't they cute?  They're my little babies.

This is a picture of our boat anchored at Battery Island on the Chesapeake Bay.  There I am in the boat with Barney.

Summer seems like it's only here for a short while and then back to Fall.  I love the seasons, but more and more, I'm loving Summer a lot more than I used to.

Thanks for stopping by to visit us.  Hope you'll stop by again tomorrow.

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