Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sympathy for Michelle's Father

My friend, and coworker lost her father a few weeks ago. It's always sad losing someone, and since Michelle lost her mother when she was only 19, I'm sure it was extra hard to lose her father.

I made a card from our department and wanted to make it simple, but pretty. So I made this one from the group:

It's a simple card, but pretty, and it can be both masculine or feminine. I chose the lost lagoon ribbon for the touch of blue. The card actually looks so much better in person than in the photograph. Sure wish I could capture the real look ...

Anyway, I'll post the other card I made for her tomorrow, from me.

Don't enjoy having to make sympathy cards .. but they are a necessary at times, and it's always nicer to make it pretty to look at - in keeping with the lovely memory of the one that has crossed over to the other side.

Until tomorrow ...

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