Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sympathy for a Friend - Timeless Elegance

I had to make a sympathy card for a friend of mine who lost her father.  She told me he lived a great life, and it was his time.  Still, it's always hard to lose a parent, or loved one, for that matter.

I wanted to make something nice, and I selected the "timeless elegance" paper and worked the rest of the card around the paper.  I wasn't thinking of using black, but it all came together.

Here's the card I made for my friend:

I didn't think I would like the paper as much as I do.  It's subtle, but elegant, just like the name:  Timeless Elegance.

It just so happens that a co-worker also lost a loved one, so I made two cards.  I think I just might make some more to have on hand, with a little twist on each.

Hope you like the card, and I do hope that the card blessed the people I gave it to.

See you back here soon, I hope!

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