Sunday, July 28, 2013

Convention 2013 3D gift

For one of our private swaps, we were to make a 3D gift and bring it wrapped to share.  I wasn't sure what to make, so I decided to make some wine charms, wine tags, and a clay mold container.  Well, unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the wine charms!  I can't believe I didn't.  They were so cute too.  I'll have to make one just to share - but I made 10 of them and they were really pretty.  Anyway, here are the wine tags and clay mold.  Amanda was the lucky one who received my gift.

 Champagne tag
 Clay mold container
white wine tag - this one is my favorite
red wine tag

So which one is your favorite?  They turned out cute too and it was amazing I got them to SLC in one piece without getting bent.  YEAH!  Until tomorrow, let the creative juices flow ...

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  1. Love the wine bottle wine tags! They came out great!