Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Christmas Celebration 2015

Well, this is the last day of 2015 everyone. Can you believe it? I can't. Another year has gone and sometimes I just can't remember where the time went.

I thought I would share some of our Christmas pics from 2015 ...

First up is a picture of the Christmas lights hung in the streets of Brooklyn, NY in South Slope. I visited our daughter and her husband, and on the way home, I just couldn't leave without taking a picture. It looked so festive, and I wanted to remember how pretty it was.

How crazy, but I lightened up the background and when I posted it here, it looks dark. O well ...

Next is a picture of Aileen and Josh's Christmas tree. You will see the presents I brought under the tree, and maybe you'll recognize them ... take a peek.

The boxes under the tree were all made by me. I had to much fun making them and they look so cute, I must say. Aileen had to work on Christmas day, so needless to say, the two of them could not join us for Christmas. They were certainly near and dear to our hearts and thought of all day long.

Now on to our son Tj and his girlfriend, Ashley's Christmas tree. How cute is this?

This this their first Christmas and their first Christmas tree together. I love how cute it is. They went to California this year to celebrate Christmas with Ashley's family, so we missed them this year, but they were ever close in our hearts and thoughts.

This is our Christmas tree. There were a few more presents, but I forgot to take the picture with all the presents under the tree.

This next picture is one of a mesh wreath I made at a class at Michael's. I coaxed my sister into going with me and she did, and we had a wonderful time. Sadly, when I brought the wreath home and showed it to my husband, he wasn't a fan of it and through it was "too poofy". Well, it took the wind out of my sails. The next day, I showed it to my son, and he had the same reaction ... he didn't like the white. So I decided to put it on the wall, took a picture, and then took it down and put it away. I must say, it was a bit larger than I expected ... I started with a 16" wire wreath, and by the time we "poofed" it all out, it was big! Check it out when I'm holding it next to my sister's and you'll see how big it is.  hahahahaha.

It doesn't look bad here, or large for that matter. Now, here's how large it really is ...

Yep, it's big alright...

This next picture is of My Christmas Centerpiece. My friend, Diane, asked me if I would be interested in taking a fresh centerpiece class with her, and of course, I said yes. This is what I made and it turned out really nice - beyond my expectation.

The centerpiece is made with all fresh greens and flowers. I must say, I outdid myself on this one ... LOL

Tomorrow, I'll share some of my creations I made for a Christmas Cookie Bazaar I participated in. That will start the New Year off just right, then ... it's new catty time.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful, safe, and blessed New Year's Eve.

Love and Hugs.

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