Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary Hubby

On Wednesday, it was our 37th wedding anniversary.  Can you believe it - 37 years?  It's hard to believe.  We celebrated by going to dinner, but we couldn't really do too much since one of my little doggies, Bandit, had major surgery to repair what was left of his ACL, and secure his kneecap in place.  What a long day it was, waiting to hear from the surgeon to see how he made out.  Bandit is a little Maltese, and he and his brother, Barney, have never been separated.  I thought Barney would have a hard time, but he did rather well.  He only walked around the house a few times, whimpering and looking for his brother.  When I picked Bandit up at the veterinary hospital, Barney was so happy to see him, but then was a bit timid because of the bandage, boot, and Elizabethan collar he has to wear for 2 weeks.  Poor baby!  But keeping him calm and rested for the next 8 weeks is going to be tough.  I pray all goes well.

But ... never-the-less, dinner with Tom was nice and we managed to have some quality time to just talk and enjoy a nice dinner.  Of course, I made Tom's card ... so here it is:

I like the way it turned out...very clean and simple.  Tom really liked it, so that's all that matters.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my creations with you.

Ciao for now!

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