Monday, November 11, 2013

How About Some Christmas Blend?

I saw this cute Christmas coffee cup gift tag on Pinterest and thought I would try and make a gift card holder just like it.  Well, I managed to do just that, and it came out so cute.  As soon as I made them and took them into work for a co-worker to see, I sold 5 of them.  How about that?  I know they will sell like hotcakes.

I put my business card inside so you can see how the gift card will fin right inside.  I made the cardboard crinkled hot sleeve too to make it look authentic and decorated it for the holiday.  I must say, I was tickled pink with the way it turned out.  My son actually helped me with getting the lid exactly right.  He thought it looked like a flower pot with the original lid, so we perfected it until we got it just right and I'm really happy with it.  Hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more of my creations from the craft event.

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