Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News from Switzerland

Tj sent Tom some pictures of Switzerland yesterday and today.  He and Drew arrived yesterday via the train, and from the pictures below, it's exactly as I expected.  Here's two pictures he took on the train as it arrived in Switzerland ... the window of the train looks like it has some spots on it, but you can see through that and how beautiful the countryside is. 

Doesn't the little seaside town look so peaceful?  Oh how I wish I was there.

Tj and Drew are staying in the town of Interlaken.  Interlaken lies in the Bernese Oberland on an alluvial plain between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.  Tj said that on the lakes, the only vessels permitted on the them are either sailboats or small 25 hp motor boats.  You can see the sailboats moored in the lake above.

They went "canyoning", which is a mix between rock repelling / cliff jumping / rock slides.  Tj said they drove up the switchbacks (road, trail or railroad track that follows a zig zag course on a steel incline) with a group of people that took almost an hour.  Then they slid / jumped / repelled down the waterfalls.  Here's a picture of Tj suiting up for the adventure.

Tj said he has a video of the entire adventure he will share with us when he returns home, and he will also try and send some more pictures to us when he can. 

Here's another picture of the beautiful countryside.  I can just picture a shepherd walking his sheep over the wavy hills of green grass, can't you?  I have Switzerland as one of the places on my bucket list, and now I know I will definitely keep it there; maybe even move it up a notch or so.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I will post more pictures and news as I hear more from Tj.  I'm so glad he's having a wonderful time. 5 more weeks to go, so I should have a lot more to share.  Keep checking back when you can.

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  1. Lovely, and it brings back memories. I've been there. We went skiing just up the hill from there and took a little train down to Interlaken to visit the little town -- quaint. Switzerland is gorgeous, definitely keep it on your bucket list. Glad your son is doing well and keeping you informed -- so mom won't worry. Hugs to you.

  2. Momorable scenaries-just take the mind with them..