Monday, August 27, 2012

Camping in the Swiss Alps

I received an email from Tj early this morning.  They are camping in the Swiss Alps in Lauterburnen.  They don't have "wifi" there, so he quick sent me an email before they hiked up into the mountains.  They've been hiking all over and Tj said it's totally unreal.  They are expecting snow in the Alps on Friday.  Tj said it's a bit chilly now, but not too bad.  I'm glad he has his sleeping bag and extra warm blanket with him.  Sounds like he will need it.

He and Drew are having fun, and I'm sure he'll call or email when he can.  Just thought I would let you know what he's up to.  I'll continue to share snippets of his amazing journey as soon as I hear from him again.

Thanks for stopping by!

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